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Burglary Prevention Tips For Businesses In NYC

There’s no building, residential or commercial, or business immune to burglary. There is always a possibility of a thief attacking your space, irrespective of your building’s size or business’s industry. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there is a minimum of 2.6-3% rise in burglaries every year. These burglaries mainly occur at non-residences, including groceries and clothes stores to offices in the city. 

A city never gets to sleep, and the moment you let your guard drop off, even for a second, you find real damage is done. So it is crucial to discourage the intruder from getting into your commercial space. Here are a few steps to follow to decrease the likelihood of any burglary or event from taking place in your commercial space.

Change Your Passwords Of The Safe And Entry Every Time An Employee Leaves The Company

If you are the owner of a small business or own hotels or restaurants at multi-locations, it is always best to change the safe and entrance combination of the building. You should follow this step even if an employee leaves the company on good terms.

There have been many cases where an ex-employee stole the space with the old keys he had from the time of joining and is still with him after his service period in the company. For example, a former employee of McCobb’s Family Restaurant in New York City was charged with burglary, and when asked how he entered, he told that he used his entrance password from his service period. Thus, it is always best to change the entry and safe combination every time an employee leaves the company.

Install Reliable Alarm System

Alarms are vital in detecting intrusions such as unauthorized entry into your space or hampering your precious property. As per the survey conducted in many areas, more than 80% of burglars first try to determine if a space has alarms installed before attempting a burglary. Furthermore, more than 60% of the burglars think of an alternative option if they find an alarm on-site. 

Analyzing the above results of the surveys, it is now evident that if you install an alarm in your business space, you have protected your place from almost 60% of the times a burglary may have happened. Moreover, with the modern alarms, you are equipped with windows and doors sensors that ensure that an intruder cannot break the windows or doors of your building and go inside. You can also connect and access the whole system with your smartphone and control it from anywhere on earth.

Video Surveillance

Burglars nowadays have rich knowledge of new technologies and security systems that come to the market. They understand which device they can take risks with and which risk can be dangerous. One of the most effective pieces of equipment that forbid burglars from entering your business property is CCTV, i.e., the video surveillance system. Therefore, getting a high-quality camera that forms a high-definition picture is an extremely useful device to get installed. Video surveillance helps you get a detailed account of the suspicious person lingering around your property on your smartphone, iPad, or desktop. Thus, if you keep your business space equipped with good CCTVs, like the one you get from Safety Locksmith, you are making a huge step towards keeping your business space safe from burglars.

Lock Your Property Securely

Good locks are undoubtedly the most essential and primary step when considering a business space’s security. Your space’s exterior door needs to have a deadbolt lock and locks placed at other doors and windows to prevent a burglar’s entry, even in the case of a broken window. You can buy a secure and reliable deadbolt lock for your business space from Safety Locksmith and feel secure about your property.


Burglars are always watching out to get a chance where they find an error in your security, and then they are right inside your business space. Therefore, you always need to be extra careful about your security system and take precautionary steps to maintain that security. Apart from the significant tips mentioned above, you can take other crucial steps like lighting your space so that everyone has an eye on what’s happening inside and hedging your bets, especially on the spaces that can be an entry point for a burglar. Using safety glasses that are difficult to break for the burglars is also a vital step toward safety. Moreover, you need to constantly work towards making zero human errors regarding the safety steps. You can buy safety devices for your business spaces like deadbolt locks, CCTV, security system cams, safes, and keys with Safety Locksmith. All the products are designed to deliver maximum safety to your place.


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Burglary Prevention Tips for Businesses in NYC

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